Welcome to the website of sworn translator Dmitri Platonov. I perform certified translations in the following language pairs:
– Estonian – German
– Estonian – Russian
– German – Russian
– Russian – German.
it should be noted that I’m the only one sworn translator for German – Russian – German in Estonia.
You can order same-day sworn translations. I have translated official documents for ten years. During that time I have become thoroughly familiar with the bureaucratic requirements in different countries, and before I begin translating I consult the customer as to the problems that may arise with the document, thereby saving you both time and money. Documents to be translated can be brought to the translation agency “Kesklinna Tõlkekeskus” in downtown Tallinn between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (see location on map). Meetings can also be arranged after working hours or on holidays. Please call in advance so that we can find a suitable time and place to meet. I am also available to accept documents for translation outside working hours and on weekends.

Why choose a sworn translator?

  • Acceptance — unlike a notary, who merely authenticates the translator’s signature and does not verify the contents of the translation, a sworn translator certifies the authenticity and correctness of the content of a translation. In many cases, authorities will only accept translations done by sworn translators.
  • Quality — the skills and suitability of a sworn translator have been certified by the state.
  • Liability — the professional liability of a sworn translator for the damage caused by the sworn translator has been provided by law.
  • Faster service — in an ordinary translation agency documents are taken to a notary public for authentication after they have been translated, but a sworn translator authenticates his or her translations personally.