My clients include large Estonian and foreign companies, institutions and private individuals. I also collaborate with almost all of the largest translation companies in Estonia and several foreign translation bureaux. You can read some feedback about my translations below. I would like to thank all of my clients and partners for their pleasant cooperation!

“I believe that all translations must be done only by sworn translators. The advantages are clear”.
Dr Sergei Yeltsov

“In providing legal assistance, I have needed large documents to be translated from Estonian into German and from German into Estonian. All of the translations done by sworn translator Mr Dmitri Platonov have been very professional. It is also worth mentioning Dmitri Platonov’s flexibility in meeting urgent deadlines. I am a satisfied customer”.
Timo Kullerkupp, attorney (MAQS Law Firm) (Tallinn, Estonia)

“I chose to use a sworn translator, because German courts do not accept ordinary notarised translations, and the court may simply have rejected a notarised translation of the documents, and our side may have lost the case as a result.
Dmitri Platonov very competently translated court documents into German, and during the court case the German judge said that “the translation submitted was very good and a pleasure to read”. Thanks to the fact that we submitted well-translated documents, our side was able to win the court case”.
Andrei Petrov, lawyer (Tallinn, Estonia)

“I commission translations of my small articles and reviews into Russian from Mr Platonov if I wish to publish them in Russia or send them to colleagues there. I have always been very satisfied with his work”.
Dr Olaf Mertelsmann, scholar of Eastern European history (Tartu, Estonia)

“Mr Platonov has repeatedly helped me find important items of interest in the Baltic States. In addition to excellent translations – both oral and written – he demonstrated great energy, incredible initiative and good computer knowledge (related to finding information through the Internet), making a notable contribution to the completion of our task!
Thanks to his considerable assistance, our order brought us success, and we can now confidently recommend him to our potential clients”.
Maik Junker, private detective, Member of the Board of TRS-/ FOCUS-Detektei Detective Office (Berlin, Germany)